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About us

Language Limousine is owned by Jim & Saba Cordina and has been operating since 2000.  They are proud parents of 4 children and love living in beautiful North Vancouver.

Saba grew up in North Vancouver.  She has a job history in the hospitality business, is a licenced hair stylist, and has been a stay at home mom for many years.  Saba has been there to support Jim as he built Language Limousine.  She now manages Laundry Valet.  Saba cares about providing the best services that we can.

Jim is originally from Toronto and moved to BC in 1988.  He has a job history in sales and customer service.  He worked in the hospitality industry, car sales, Worksafe, and was an office manager for many years for a large insurance broker.  Jim has always dabbled in creating businesses and along with Language Limousine, he and Saba built the number one rated laundromat/dry cleaner in Vancouver.

Jim is passionate about ensuring that no matter what the business is, that only quality services are provided.


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